Think Big, Look Big, Save Big on Small Business Telecommunications

Even if a business is small, the owners need to think big.

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service provide big corporation voice data features on a small business budget.
A cost-effective substitute to landline services,Think Big, Look Big, Save Big on Small Business Telecommunications Articles VoIP break information down into digital packets that are sent over the Internet.

With VoIP you can meet a range of telecommunications needs without additional fees. Because VoIP allows a unified solution for business communications, VoIP can turn small businesses into big competitors.

VoIP is Ideal for Small Business and Home Business Use

As an owner-operator of a home business can keep down costs, the more competitive you can be by shifting dollars to marketing initiatives. While cutting costs, however, you need to ensure you have a robust enough system. Just because your staff is small, that does not mean your needs, ideas, and goals, are, too.

With VoIP, all voice and data telecommunications are transmitted over a single network, through an Internet router, saving money, time, and effort. If you work out of a home office, that means your existing Internet service can provide all your personal and business telecommunications needs without a loss of quality and flexibility.

Your employees, or even your spouse or children, may use the network to make calls at the same time, eliminating the need to install additional lines. And unlike with traditional phone lines, your telecommunications are {safe|secure| with VoIP. The data is not encrypted using the same technology as your network.

Be Cost-Efficient

Even home businesses need a variety of communications services and all those charges can add-up. But with VoIP, you do not have to decide whether or not a dedicated business line, voicemail, or other services are worth the cost-you can have all of these and still save hundreds or even thousands of dollars a year.

If you are a business owner on the go, or need to have a call with contractors or employees, VoIP can coordinate your desk and cell phone service seamlessly.

Small business owners already have to take on so many roles and learn about all aspects of their home business. VoIP services are a perfect fit because with just one inexpensive, highly-intuitive, simple system, you will think you have an entire IT staff on hand.

You no longer need separate voice and data networks because VoIP phone calls may be routed through existing services. Eliminate the jumble of devices for a more stream-lined and efficient work space.

Plus, with a smaller number of devices, expect less maintenance and fewer hardware purchases.

Most importantly to your bottom line, call costs are cheaper, too. VoIP calls are billed monthly for data sent over the Internet, instead of by the time spent on the phone. No need to watch the clock anymore. Even large corporations that want to reduce their telecommunications budgets are turning to VoIP, so you can be absolute that you will reduce your telephone bills without sacrificing quality of service.

VoIP Features for Small Businesses

Although your staff may be small, possibly as small as one, you need your telecommunications to reflect your professionalism. Clients need to feel happy with how you operate your business. One of the first impressions a possible client may have is when he or she calls your telephone number.

On your VoIP network, you can create an automated menu for incoming calls, set-up voicemail boxes, easily transfer calls to another user, and create a dial by name directory.

If you need to bring multiple parties together, conference calling is simple. And if some of your employees work off-site, VoIP is location independently of off-site employees which can work from anywhere there is a good net access. Automatic redial and caller ID convenience features are all available for free as part of most VoIP programs.

When you run a home business, taking a vacation can seem difficult, if not impossible. With VoIP programs like call forwarding and off-site connections, you can still keep up with essential business anywhere you travel.

As you find success and begin to expand, your VoIP network grows with you. No need to worry about contacting new vendors, installing additional lines, or performing costly upgrades. VoIP is a scalable system that is suitable for everything from a single owner-proprietor home business to a major Fortune 500 company.

With the Internet, many companies find their customers in far-flung locations. You can still respond to all of their needs on a small business telecommunications budgets. VoIP integrates smoothly with other Internet applications, making simultaneous audio conferencing, video conferencing, and file exchanges simple.

As your business grows, simply contact your VoIP provider to ensure your current package handles your needs.

Tap into the power of a robust telecommunications systems while keeping telephone costs down. By choosing a VoIP service, you can create a professional network that makes the right kind of impression for your small business.

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NextWest NextMobility Delivers PBX Extension Features to Remote Cell Phones Anywhere

New Architecture extends NextWest PCXi PBX remote extension capability to cell phones as well as standard home phones.

NextWest,NextWest NextMobility Delivers PBX Extension Features to Remote Cell Phones Anywhere Articles Inc., the leading provider of IP-based business telecommunications and contact center systems for small to midsize enterprises, today introduced an innovative mobility solution to its PCXi IP-based PBX capabilities. Combining the capabilities of the PCXi PBX and the NextIPS server NextWest is able to deploy full PBX extension functionality to cell phone and home phone users anywhere in the world. Because a NextWest cell phone user is the same as a regular extension user you can now be reached through one number anytime, anywhere in the world.

To achieve this innovative mobility functionality, the PCXi system is interfaced to a NextIPS server via 23 or 30 channel cable interfaces. The NextIPS server is then connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). Remote cell and home phone users when out of the office or working at home can dial access numbers on the NextIPS server and login in as remote extension users. After logging in with secure methods the remote cell phone and home phones then have all the same capability of local extension users. Remote extension users can also be contact center agents and be monitored and operate exactly as if they were agents on the primary site. This capability allows even standard analog phone users, without needing to install expensive IP phones, to operate as if they were part of the local PBX community.

With NextMobility as well as the previous abilities of “Follow Me” NextWest users can now be reached instantly. Customers can receive the attention and support they want and need today, not tomorrow. If for some reason you are not available on your cell calls will follow the normal PBX coverage options that you have set via the NextWest PCXi software-based user console. “Follow Me” can be used in conjunction with the extension cell to ensure you will be reached.

“We make it possible for enterprises to affordably integrate remote users as if they were on the same site as the PBX or contact center. This is a very affordable and more flexible mobility solution than any other vendor can currently provide for cell phone and work-at-home users,” said Richard De Soto, NextWest Chief Marketing and Sales Officer. “NextMobility can even be combined with NextContact, providing full contact center agent functionality if agents need to work from home. The business possibilities are endless in today’s mobile world. We can of course also support remote IP phone users when a remote worker is located in a branch office or home office situation. Highly mobile workers can now remain in contact with their customers- without having to leave a trail of phone numbers where they “may” be reached. Regardless of geography, number of employees, or number of locations, NextWest adapts to the way your business operates.”

Components of the NextMobility solution include connecting a 30, 60 or 90 port NextIPS server chassis to the PCXi PBX, NextMobility software and either T1, PRI or E1 board (s). The NextMobility solution is ideal for field salespeople or field service personnel that want to ensure they never miss a customer call via their cell phone and can still utilize the features of the PCXi PBX such as conferencing, voice mail access, or using extension dialing to reach other workers in the headquarters PBX or anywhere in the VoIP connected network.

NextWest’s PCXi IP PBX delivers a fully-integrated solution whose standard features is considered options on other systems and may be unavailable altogether on many VoIP systems. Standard features include auto attendant, automatic call distribution, caller ID, interactive voice response, fax on demand, voice and fax over IP, unified messaging, least cost routing, voicemail, conferencing, built-in music on hold and call and message screening.

About NextWest, Inc.

NextWest, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of IP-based business telecommunications and contact center systems. The company’s fully-integrated, IP and converged communications systems help small to mid-sized businesses, government agencies and other organizations to meet their changing telecommunications needs. With cost-effective solutions that are flexible, scalable, reliable and easy to manage, NextWest delivers uncompromising quality and features resulting in fast and quantifiable ROI. NextWest, Inc. is headquartered in Tucson, AZ., with offices in Dallas, TX and Atlanta, GA. For more information please call 1-877-446-6398 or visit our web site at

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